DeviceWell Mini SDI Monitor, It use 2.2 inch LCD module, Display resolution as 320 X 240.Support SDI signal input and SDI loop output,SDI rate auto detect of 3G/HD/SD SDI. The Monitor Integrated SDI receiver, picture scaler and de-interlace engine , easily display SDI signal to panel. Meanwhile, MT3008 supports the SDI audio de-embedded , analog audio can output to ear phone, audio AMP can driver Integrated speaker . Additionally, MX3008 is samll size design ,user can portable in anywhere.





Product features

. Portable size design

. 2.2 inch LCD module,resolution is 320 X 240

. Standard SDI signal input & loop out

. SDI input signal auto detected

. Picture scaler engine

. De-interlace engine

. SDI audio de-embedded

. Analog audio signal output

. Integrated AMP and Speaker

. Code Switch function setup

. Special function can be customized

Interface specification


Functional Diagram



Application schematic diagram